Our Value System

Integrity, Transparency & Honesty
“Do what you say” & “say what is right”
Respect the Time
We value speed & quick decision for better results. We believe in “Respect the Time” concept
We aim to be on top by settling better goals for ourselves
Customer Delight
We strongly believe in customer centric approach and long term relation

ENVANA's Core Values

We at ENVANA strongly believe that “Business is People and People is Business” and abiding this very principle, we are open to every innovative ideas brought to us by any individual associated with us. And through this, we value individuality and creativity. This very ethics of ENVANA strengthen us to create a unique One to One Openness and a feel for all as we believe “Every Drops Of water combine to Form an Ocean”.
ENVANA always strives to achieve New and Innovative Goals which enables ENVANA to build a sustainable organizational system where one is constantly motivated to attain new heights and empowered to discover new avenues for growth because “Growth Has No End In This World.”

Our thinking

“Good health is the primary goal of any individual, society or the nation as a whole” Envana Lifesciences is an Ethical, Transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with progressive outlook.
The dedicated approach has made available a range of innovative, value added, evidence based products for the ailing patients.

Therefore Envana Lifesciences‘s products have found immediate acceptance by practicing doctors.

At Envana Lifesciences “Growth is essence of life”
Employee is the biggest
Assets knowledge and information are the key for success
Nurturing the assets
Empowering the employee with technology
360* Support
Innovative ideas in medico marketing to strength the relationship with less burden
Freedom for success
Decision is taken within boundary for the success and fast implementation